Hello Blog

Oh blog, I am so sorry I have neglected you, I have thought of you often, but just haven’t gotten around to hanging out with you much lately. I have so many things I would like to tell you and thoughts to share, but the time just never seem to make itself available.

I get up early to wake-up a little old ladies feet and sit with her while she eats her breakfast and then get her ready for her early morning episodes of Leave it to Beaver. Then off I go on the train to work, where between the overnights, programming, moving carts and taking care of the large number of animal skulls in my work space, I tend to keep pretty busy.

Then its home, and dinner, and convincing grandma that yes she does need to go to the bathroom, and yes if she runs away to live somewhere else that place will ALSO have a bathroom. Then its watching some more TV with grandma or running errands and then its bedtime and time for me to take grandma’s socks off. After she is all tucked away for the night is usually when I think “today’s the day I’ll post something on the old blog.” However, that’s normally the point where I realize that I am to tired to think and spend 5-10 minutes trying to decide whether to fall asleep in front of The Office or Parks and Rec and then its time to get up and start it all again.

The thing is, I love all of this, even when I’ve seen the same episode of Monk for the 100th time (literally). I’m where I’m supposed to be and doing what I am supposed to be doing, even if what I am doing right now is watching Sweet Home Alabama for the second time this week. Grandma does not think Reese Witherspoon is happy, but maybe she’ll change her mind in an hour.

Maybe I will update this again next week, just like maybe one day I will get caught up on Game of Thrones and Mad Men and finishing that Harry Potter re-read I’ve been doing for the last year. There is only so much time in the day, and a lot of that time is spent watching Monk.




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